Interview With Lee

Please read through the below most common FAQ’s & we also have some attached documents as these will inform you of what to expect, especially now we are returning with some small changes for your safety, post COVID restrictions.

If this is your first ever fitness class or you have been to other classes before but not a 1StepFitness class here are some FAQ’s people ask before attending any of our fitter, healthier and happier sessions.

What shall I wear?
– Suitable footwear is key for safety, although we have plenty of laughs and giggles, please wear trainers (if you are doing online classes feel free to be bare foot if your floor is suitable…. but clear all obstacles)

– We do not have a clothing specific requirement however make sure you feel comfy and ready to get a bit sweaty. However, we all know how anxious it is to walk into an unknown place not knowing what to wear so why not take a look at some of our photos to see what others wear to put you at ease

What do I need to bring?
YOU most importantly, but please bring something to drink as we are not just going to stand there and lose those lbs, a bank card, now don’t panic we don’t take any money off you at the class it’s just an option if you have loved the class that much we will inform you of our memberships and if you have booked through our free 7 day offer you get an exclusive bonus offer at the class 🙂
What time do I need to be at class?
– Seen as this is your first class please arrive/ log-in 5 minutes prior so you can complete a health questionnaire (or complete the form online CLICK HERE for Online PAR-Q) to ensure you are safe to perform exercise.

– If you could also give yourself 5 minutes after the scheduled class finish time as we will inform you of our offer’s for joining so you know the next steps. However again don’t panic as there is no pressure sale if you didn’t feel the class was for you and don’t want to attend again no problem 🙂

Online classes

Please complete the attached link to agree to take part in physical activity at home with the risks associated with this. CLICK HERE for Online Waiver form

Online classes are now live streamed online via an app called ‘ZOOM’. Please download this and sign-up/ sign in. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Please still book via our app ‘gymcatch’ as you will then be sent a link to each class upon booking. (if this is your first ever session with us we will do this for you)

Where do I go to get to your studio?

So here are our addresses for both our studio’s, Stocksbridge & Chapeltown.

1StepFitness Chapeltown, Studio 1c, Unit 1A, Lound Court Shopping Complex, Lound Side, Chapeltown, S35 2UX

1StepFitness Stocksbridge, Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre, Moorland Drive, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 1EG

However I also get it…..You know where the location is but how do I actually find the entrance and where do I go when I’m in….So to reduce this anxiety please feel free to watch our walk through video, post covid, of where to go and what to expect here:



Who will be there?
You will always be welcome by one of our fantastic team. I don’t meant someone from a 30, 50, 100+ franchise staff member stepping in to cover a class they hate…….I mean a passionate instructor who specialises in that class, whether it’s Pilates with Rachel, Yoga with Bev or GetFit with Lee you know you are in safe hands.
What to expect
As mentioned, we are all about fun. You might not feel excited or upbeat before the class with all the anxiety going round in your head about all the other points we’ve made, but we hope you leave the first session buzzing and wanting more. So try to relax, attend with an open mind to fitness not past experiences and enjoy the session.
Common worries/ fears
THE most common worries and fears that people tell us when wanting to attend one of our classes for the first time is one of the above questions we have covered (hopefully). However you may also be like them and worried you will be the most unfit, the biggest, don’t know what to do…..Well our classes aren’t like big gym’s or military bootcamps…..we are all about FUN in a NON -JUDGEMENTAL environment with other WOMEN exactly LIKE YOU on the SAME JOURNEY AS YOU.
Which plan is best for me?

Unless you have already booked in a chat with Lee to go through your goals then wait until you have just finished your first session with us. You will be given an offer form as mentioned with all our plans on and Lee will call you to talk you through all the options and decide what is best for you. However, if you are reading this and are someone wanting to jump straight in then here is an overview of how we work with you to HELP YOU achieve YOUR GOALS:

7 Day Offer – Firstly start with this if you are unsure what we do, how we do, if this is for you and overall not wanting to over commit to any of our plans yet. Reason being I a nutshell this gives you a fantastic opportunity to try ANY of our plans for 7 days first before committing.

6 week challenge – This is the most popular plan as if you are wanting to become fitter, healthier & happier whilst losing a few lbs/ dress size along the way and have a clear goal in mind then we cover all bases. This plan isn’t just access to our classes its nutrition support, accountability calls, mindset support and all in safe private members only are of others on the same mission.

Monthly plans – These are for you if you don’t have a specific goal you want to achieve by a certain date but do still wish to get fitter, healthier and happier without the need for all the added benefits mentioned in our 6 week plan. These are flexible to work with your busy life/ plans as they give you an option of attending either 1, 2 or 3 live classes per week and give you the flexibility of taking part in our pre-recorded sessions to do when you want. With all our plans you also don’t have to stick to a certain class you can swap and change when you see fit.

If you want to hear about an experience of working with us from someone who tried a class first, just like you, here is an interview with Georgina.

Georgina has completed our 6 week challenge and now does 2 classes a week alongside a 1:1 personal training session to keep on top of the amazing progress she made.